2022/02/08 - It's AI-live!

After a couple of months of focused work, we can officially say – it’s live!

Welcome to One Step AI, where we make the AI model creation and testing as low-touch as possible. You can use it as a sandbox to test your ideas, pre-train the model for further tuning, or simply learn, and have fun with it.

Go to docs.onestepai.com to see what can you achieve with One Step AI:

From dataset creation and optimization:
Creating a dataset (onestepai.com)

Through model training and conversion:
Automated, more effective training (onestepai.com)

To live testing, where you can use a cloud device to run your model and test your idea:
How it works (onestepai.com)

Some of the best resources for your machine learning experiments can be found here: 10+ Free Resources to Download Datasets for Machine Learning | by Mauricio Fadel Argerich | Towards Data Science. Upload one of the datasets into One Step AI to start your first Artificial Intelligence project.

See you soon,
The One Step AI Team