Dataset in a zip file


Cannot update zip file with dataset.

Please advise.

  • Didier

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

I assume you meant “upload”? If so - this is a latency issue that we are currently working on.

Right now, when you are uploading a .zip file, you won’t be able to see the upload progress, and the upload itself can take several minutes.

Until we manage to resolve this problem, the best strategy is to choose one of the alternative options: upload from directory or upload files.

We’ll let you know once the more permanent solution is applied.


Thanks Anna but your proposed solution suffers from the same issue that no progress bar is shown.

Could you provide a screenshot of the issue? This will help us find an accurate solution. You can either post the screenshot here, or send it to


Hi @didier, just letting you know: the issue you reported has now been fixed.

Progress bar is visible during entire .zip upload; we also managed to make the entire process faster.

Zip upload screenshot

I’d appreciate if you could run a test on your end, with your own dataset. Just to make sure everything works 100%.


Hi Anna,

Unfortunately still not working … uploads to 20% … stays there … then eventually reports “No active tasks” but still “0” pictures in the dataset.

Is there a way for the user to look into some logfile to help debug where the problem is coming from?

Thank you for providing the screenshots! We’ve checked the logs server-side, and found an HTTP 499 error. This means the connection was closed by the client while our server was processing the request. Problems like this are usually caused by internet connection instability.

Please try to upload the dataset again, this time with the browser console open (to do this, open browser menu > More tools > Developer tools > Console). When the error happens take a screenshot of the log and post it here. It will help us investigate the problem further.